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Ricci fell in love with footwear late in life, but when she slipped into her first pair of stiletto heels, she was swept off her feet. After an exhaustive search, she discovered that there was no good product on the market to protect the soles of her cherished shoes while keeping her on her feet. Never one to toe the line, Ricci was inspired by her “just do it” life philosophy to apply her dedication and tenacity to inventing her own premium product.


A thorough and dedicated researcher, Ricci decided to start at the feet of the greats. She began her quest with a training by the Internationally renowned Milan-based ARSUTORIA school to gain a sophisticated level of foundational knowledge about footwear design, engineering and construction. Her exclusive training helped by providing insight into elite footwear companies, as well as top industry resources & experts, quality manufacturers and material providers. Leveraging her effusive personality and relentless hard work, she was able to gain access to the notoriously closed Italian footwear industry, securing a preeminent Italy-based manufacturer to create the most effective patent pending product to enter the marketplace, thereby inventing a new category of high-end shoe accessories.

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